Pet fire safety

  Including your pets in a fire safety plan is ‘surprisingly easy’ – This article on pet safety needed to be repeted: For so many of us, pets are members of the family. They share our lives, through good and bad — even in the unfortunate event of a house fire. We’ve all been taught throughout our lives about fire safety, and we know we should have a well-designed escape plan in place, should a house fire occur. You  [ Read More ]

stolden pet

Here is an article published by Michelle Baiocchi,  Which I think is worth repeating, It’s about stolen pets.  Did you know that  in North America alone, it is estimated that 1.5 to 2 million pets ( primarily dogs) are STOLEN every year. Her article gives you some good tip to prevent your   pet from being stolen.  To read the complete article here: Michelle Baiocchi also has done some articles on kids doing science projects that involve their  [ Read More ]

Sandy's food

What makes a top quality dog food and why you should feed your dog holistic dog food.


Special Diets For Dogs: The Overweight Dog “Should I put my dog on a diet?” The answer to that question is Yes, but only if your veterinarian recommends it. The same care, consideration, and advice should be taken when your dog needs to be put on a special diet program, as you yourself would get from your personal physician if you were put on a diet. You cannot diet your dog properly without expert advice, and in this case, as  [ Read More ]


What Makes A Holistic Pet Food A variety of holistic puppy/dog foods are available on the market. You can find it in dry kibbles or cans.  Raw or freeze dried or any thing between. An important advantage of natural organic dog food is that they do not contain any undesirable ingredients like blood, hair and bones plus other low grade wastes known as by-products. All the above ingredients come from rendered remains of livestock animals. Natural organic dog foods also  [ Read More ]